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Sunday, May 10, 2009

Larence Writes to the Queen on their Anniversary June 766 AD

We were still writing letters two years after we started the stories. By the way, the wedding was splendid... we held it under the massive evergreen tree at camp that we used as a chapel. Then we headed into the dining room where we made sure the two of us and our followers sat at the bery top of the T the tables made. I wonder if the other summer camp attendees ever knew they had been at a royal feast!

Thank you, my liege, for providing us with a recap. By the way, no, the novel does not follow his account!

June 766 AD

Thy most Gracious Majesty,

Today Is our anniversary. We have been married two years. In that short time, much has come to pass.

One week after our wedding it was necessary (sp?) for me to travel to Affyn-Shyre. I was forced to take refuge in the woods from mine evil brother, Roland. I didst not see thee until £he following Christmas when I stayed only a week. Thou hadst had mine brother's child, none to thy blame. On my return I was saved by a young man of Affyn-Shyre, thy lordly brother, Lorin. When I finally managed to regain my throne, after a revolution, 1 returned to find that thou hadst been taken off to France. On Christmas, My precious, thou were returned to me ,only it was again for only a week. Avonshyre attacked our southern- borders, and thou were sent away for thy safety. Thou wert found to be with my child and all was well (not considering the war, which actually was of no grave danger to us) until;...In the battle which won the war for us I was sorely wounded. I lost contact with the world for weeks, and on the eve of the day I was to have recovered fully, I took suddenly in a dream a sudden fear that thou and Lorin were in grave danger. In the accident I lost use of mine once precious legs. Our adopted daughter, Marie died, leaving us deeply grieved. It was then the real tragedy came into view. I was lured to love the beautiful Aelf-linn. Nay, it was not love and she was not beautiful. 'T'was desire and she was tempting. I do not say thou art not tempting. Thou'rt the most tempting, most nobly innocent, lovely, intelligent and understanding wife one could have. When the enchantress had almost begun to completely govern me , I ran off with her. That night I got very drunk and when I woke the next morning he was dead, stabbed with my sword. I no doubt killed her, and my soul 1st now destined for Hell, I knoweth that. I crept and slid away, frightened until I was too exhausted and torn to continue. I took refuge in a cabin, that was given me as a last service by some peasants, who thought I was dying. Whether I am or not, I know not, but" I can hope for the latter and pray that thou agreeth.
I shalt now tell thee of my thoughts towards the future. I cannot bow and ask forgiveness, though it is a thing I would give my life for. I have been called, "Lawrence the Great," "Lawrence the Savior" in my reign and all that time I shouldst have been called "Lawrence the Greedy, Conceited, Arrogant, Haughty."
Is it not so like me 'to, rather than decide to devote my remaining years to prayer, to propose an idea of less true frith? My idea is that we divide the kingdom among ourselves, thou, Affyn-Shyre, and I, Christenlande to be separate sovereign^ until our love has grown again. I mean not that our love has ended but that we must try to start over. To return to each other now would mean to risk quarrels, guilt and /* hate. Maybe By the time the child is born, we will have returned to one another again. I think it is very/ much worth a try and that I'd stake my life and our returned love within two months, don't your mine darling?

I hath made contacts with Lorin and he shalt pick me up to return to Aesc-dene any time now. Write me of thy decision soon. Mine Own, I hope it is all well now! I shalt announce today and the next week a national holiday. Happy Anniversary, kitten!|

Till we meet again;

Thy adoring spouse,


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