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Friday, July 24, 2009

Table of Contents to Old Letters and Stories

These are the only existing stories from the 1960s when Laura and I began the stories of lawrence and Josephine. You will find it helpfgul to read The Story So Far before you start in on these first of the narratives.


The letters are mostly about the king's killing of Robert de Riffet, the queen's paramour, and his self-exile.

The Absolutely Oldest Thing In Existence
Letter from the king to the Queen February 766
Lawrence Writes to the Queen on their Anniversary
Two Florid Letters from 766 AD
Josephine Gets a letter from her Brother 767 AD
The Exile: Back on Track
Finally a letter FROM Josephine


A Nostalgic Scene from 764 AD
The Tapestry
The king gives a sentimental gift to his love.
Shannon's Journey 767 AD
Shannon travels back to Ireland, reunites with an old friend, picks up his natural son Seamus, and gets beat up by his father.
Rory Reveals His Love for the Queen ...
Rory, after falling for the queen, spills the beans to her.
Lawrence Returns to Ratherwood 768...
After a long separation, the royal couple are reunited.
Lawrence Sees the Children 768
A continuation of the last story, with lots of preciousness.
Lawrence's Return to Ratherwood
More of Lawrence's homecoming.
The Cat Story 768 AD
A cute, sexy story.
Rory's Execution 768 AD
In Ireland, Rory faces the gallows for espionage.
The Ballads of Rory McGuinness
Lawrence Tells Shannon of his Pain.
If you choose to skip this maudlin tale, I won't blame you.
Love Scene and Erik's Cynicism 768 A...
Heather Arrives at Court 768 AD
Heather is Shannon's icy Scottish wife.
Arrival of Christophe at Court 768 A...
Two young kin of Charlemagne come to visit Christenlande.
Shannon and Heather Rekindle their Lo...
The Birth of Tavish May 768 AD
lanimere, t Welsh woman who is the mother of Lawrence's illegitimate child dies giving birth to him.
Lanimere's Brothers Kidnap Josephine...
Josephine gives in to extortion.
The Trial of Lanimere's Brothers
The Night After the Trial of Lanimere's Brothers
Lawrence's Fight with Elerde of Britanny
A Nreton knight wants what Lawrence has.
Elerde Saves the Queen's Life 768 AD...
Robert's mother traps Josephine in a burning tower.
Lawrence Entrusts Elerde with his Armies
Christmas 768 AD
A sweet little scene full of gift giving.
Ricca Part I 769 AD
Lawrence's cousin's abused mistress.
Finnegan's Arrival at Court 769 AD
The man responsible for Rory's death has the nerve to show up in Christenlande.
Arrival of Lachrimae to Court and lac...
Another less anooying relative of Charlemagne arrives at court.
Ricca Part II 769 AD
The Decision to Go to Ratherwood 769...
The royal couple have a little romantic getaway.
Elerde and Tavish 769 AD
Two outsiders make a bond.
The Usurping Series
Lawrence's cousin Gaylorde seizes the crown.
The Usurpring Series Continues 769 AD
The Usurping - Caitie Takes Ill May 769
One of the royal twins is down with a fever. Someone from the past returns.
The Usurping - Preparing for Battle
Lorin and others prepare to seize back the Palace of Sunshine
The Usurping - Gaylorde Vanquished
Two Versions of "The Identity of the ...
Josephine's Breakdown 770 AD
Josephine's conflicted attraction for her husband and Elerde throws her into an emotional tailspin.

Shannon in Norway

News of Heather's Return
Heather shows up again but rejects Shannon.
Shannon's Death
Shannon throws himself in the North Sea.
Shannon Is Rescued by Ranigg
A Norse fisherman saves Shannon from drowning.
Shannon Recovered
Shannon awakes but has no memory.
Shannon Returns from the Dead
Remembering who he is, Shannon packs up Falni and heads back to Christenlande.

Juliana series

Juliana Re-encountered
In a diplomatic destrict, Lawrence runs across an old friend of his sister's who is now a concubine.
Lawrence struggles to resist Juliana and fails.
Percy Discovers Juliana
Christenlandian knight Percy sees Lawrence in a compromising situation.
The Queen Finds Out about Juliana
In a truly bizarre episode, Lawrence brings Juliana home, and Josephine runs away.
Josephine Decides to Return
After two years living with Elerde in Brittany, Josephine decides she misses her kids too much.
Josephine's Homecoming
Josephine and a miserably contrite Lawrence hook up again.

Flight from Lawrencium series

After the Avonshire War
Lawrence goes off riding and falls off his horse during a war with a neighboring kingdom.
Mood Scene with Josephine and Samir
Samir's partner, Michael, has died, and he and the queen talk about lost loves.
Flight from Christenlande
Avonshire wins the war and the court has to flee.
Arrival in Wales
lewellyn ap Cador welcomes Lawrence and crew to Radnor in Wales.
Samir and Rory Speak of Love
Samir comes out to Rory.
THE LAST STORY: Roddy and Samir

Roddy and Samir find each other and a new love..
Stay tuned for the New Stories that eventually were wittled down to a novel!

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