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Saturday, May 9, 2009

Letter from the king to the Queen, February 766

This is one of the few drawings I did for the stories when I was about 14. They are all, unfortunately, on lined notebook paper. This one is of Lawrence and Josephine one of the many times Lawrence was bedridden for one reason or another.

February 17, 766

Dearest Mine Own,

Passeth I a happy Valentines Day here in Aesc-dene. Lorin now hath me under lock and key such and anxious brother is he. Of all mine brethren, he standeth out. Arneth never took much pains-taking care of me, for I wert always comforting him, so heave were his duty and care. Roland, as thou knowest, never cared a juicy fig for me. It makest mine heart both weep and rage at the thought of him. But now, with Lorin, I am like a spoiled child, receiving all I request, though I deny most.

I arrived in Ac-wode Thursday, but it wert Saturday afore I we settled down here. That night I spent in Ac-wode after a long day of greeting the towns-people. Sunday I attended mass at Ealh-Tyg, and again went into Ac-wode, this time with Lady Laurie, for there was to be a minstrel show in town. Monday was Valentine's Day, and I awoke in the morning to be presented with scores of Valentine wishes from all over the kingdom. In the afternoon we had a small Valentine's Day celebration. We all gave greetings, and I got greetings from all here excepting the hostages. Out of them, only Aelf-lymn gave me one. Tuesday I began classes at the church, where good Brother Scottas is attempting to teach me to walk again. Wednesday I again attended classes. I overheard the good brethren explaining to Lorin, though that thy husband will not walk for a long time, if ever. Today I stayed at the cottage to play with Lady Laurie and rest.

I must close now, for Ceol hath cooked up a large meal, and mine stomach tells me "tis time.

Thine, fore'er more,


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