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Saturday, August 29, 2009

Table of Contents: New Stories



The BetrothalsThe story of Lawrence's journey to Affunshire to be betrothed to josephine.

Becoming King -- and Queen

Origins I
Lawrence, his brother and father leave for war.
Origins II
The war takes a deadly turn.
Origins III
Lawrence returns to Lincoln the King.
Origins IV
The marriage of Lawrence and Josephine.
Being a King
The first months of Lawrence's and Josephine's reign and marriage.

The First Usurping

Ambush on the Road
Lawrence is ambushed by his brother Roland's men and rescued by a band of outlaws.
A Queen in Peril
Josephine is held hostage by the usurper Roland.
To Regain the Throne
Lawrence struggles to defeat Roland and regain the throne and his queen.
To Love a Child
Alone and far from home, Josephine gives birth to Roland's child.
The king and queen must endure unwanted time apart.
A Brief Respite
Lawrence and Josephine reunite.

The War with Mercia

Calamities: The War with Mercia
Lawrence is wounded in a border skirmish.
Calamities: A Close Call
Lawrence's wound worsens, and a very pregnant Josephine waits and worries.
Calamities: Grave Condition I
A strange healer named Aelflynn is called in to treat the king's wound.
Calamities: Grave Condition II
Aelflynn performs surgery.
Calamities: Grave Condition III
Aelflynn's evil brother commits a heinous crime.


The Birth of Peter
Lawrence arrives just after the birth of Peter, but marital tensions drive the two apart yet again.
Sir Robert de Riffet
A dashing young knight falls in love with the queen while she is estranged from her royal husband.
Lawrence Learns about Sir Robert
Lawrence is called home from Lawrencium by Lorin who has seen the tension heat up between Josephine and Robert.
Lawrence Deals with Sir Robert
Lawrence sends Robert/Elerde away to guard the Affynshire frontiers.
Lawrence comes across a gift from Elerde that Josephine has failed to return.
The Brooch, and the Move to lawrencium
Josephine finds another of Elerde's gifts and tries to hide it. The royal family moves to their new citadel.

Sir Artur

Sir Artur and Gwenlian
Lawrence's old friend arrives with his new wife who is pregnant.
The Brewer of Lawrencium
Aelflynn's brother turns up in Lawrencium.

To Expose a Murder
The widowed Artur rides to Grantham to learn more about Hugh

To Expose a Murder I
To Expose a Murder II

To Expose a Murder III

The King's Justice

Rory Comes to Críslicland

The Journey to Ireland I
Shannon O'Neill brings an old friend back with him to Lawrencium.
The Journey to Ireland II
Heather is unhappy about the trip to ireland,
Shannon and Rory Reunite

Shannon runs into his childhood friend, Rory McGuinness, and they decide to
travel together.
Two Bastards
Shannon meets his son, then learns he is himself a bastard.
Returning from Ireland
Shannon and Rory arrive at the new citadel. Rory is instantly smitten with the
Rory's Vow to Love the Queen, Part 1
Rory's Vow to Love the Queen, Part 2

Rory tells the Queen of his love.

The Hunting Accident

The Hunting "Accident", Part 1
The Hunting "Accident", Part 2
The Hunting "Accident, Part 3

During an inspection trip to the Affuynshire frontiers, Lawrence manages to
shoot Elerde with an arrow.

Lawrence Tells Josephine about the Hunting Accident
Afraid of her anger, the king confesses to the queen that he nearly killed her
would-be lover.
Josephine's Dilemma About Rory, Part 1
Josephine's Dilemma About Rory, Part 2

Josephine fears Lawrence will not take kindly to Rory's professed debotion to
Josephine and Her Brother
Josephine and Lorin have an insightful conversation about Elerde.

Josephine's Sword

Josephine Learns About Shannon's Past
Josephine and Shannon talk about his abused childhood after she helps him rescue
a child being beaten buy its father.
After the Child Beating Incident
The father is punished. The queen expresses her desire to learn to use a sword.
Jo and the Sword
How Josephine gets a sword and learns to use it.
Queen of the Angles
Shannon watches Josephine's progress with the sword and writes a song.
Shannon and heather Start to Unravel
During a journey to a wedding, it becomes obvious that Shannon and Heather will
not be able to hold it together.
The Sword Challenge
Josephine proves her mastery of the sword.

Shannon and Heather Come Apart Entirely Part 1
Shannon and Heather Come Apart Entirely, Part 2
Heather tosses Shannon out of their cottage after convincing herself he has been

The War in Affynshire

The Queen Goes to Affynshire, Part 1
The Queen Goes to Affynshire, Part 2
The Queen Goes to Affynshire, Part 3

Josephine learns her mother's brother is dying. Shannon and Rory ask to accompany her to Affynshire.
The Long Road to Keito Uxello
On the way to her uncle's compound in the mountains, Josephine makes a brief
stop at Ratherwood.
War Plans Take Shape
Malcolm's and Elerde's cabal put the last touches on their plan to take Affynshire.

A Mountain Beltane
In the magic of the moment, Rory kisses Josephine, then flees at her reaction.
The Fall of Ratherwood
Malcolm and his coconspirators take the fortress of Ratherwood.
Encounter in the Woods
Josephine and Elerde meet in the woods. He lets her go, begging her to leave Affynshire.
A Day Apart
Lawrence, Josephine, Elerde, Rory and Shannon all spend a day apart reflecting on what has come to pass.
Preparing for War, Part I
Preparing for War, Part II – Gathering at Lincoln
The king and his armies gather in preparation for taking the bridge across the Trenta.
The Battle Begins
Assault on a Bridge

Lawrence's armies successfully take the bridge.
Rory Falls In with Elerde
Trying to ascertain what has happened to the queen, Rory is captured by Elerde.
Malcolm Makes his Plans, Part 1
Malcolm Makes his Plans, Part 2

The next phase of the war is the topic of discussion after Malcolm, angry that Elerde did not capture the queen, demotes him.
Josephine Resists
Josephine and her cousins create a resistance, and Josephine kills for the first time.
Elerde and Rory
Elerde's and Rory's Understanding
Elerde discovers who Rory is and they choose to make a pact to protect the queen.
Preparing for a Siege
Arriving at Ratherwood, Lawrence realizes Malcolm's strategy.
Sad News for the Queen's Family
The queen and her cousins learn of Earl Ceretic's death.
An Uncomfortable Reunion

Elerde's new commander is an Irish mercenary who has long been obsessed with Rory.
Shannon Finds the Queen
Shannon finds Jjosephine with her cousins and arranges for her to go to the king's camp at Ratherwood.
Rory's Choice
During an ambush, O'Donnell surprises all by exchanging Rory for the queen.
A Royal Reunion
Time Together
Talking Over Siege Strategy

Lawrence and Josephine gave a brief reunion before she must go back to Críslicland. Her knowledge of Ratherwood provves useful for planning how to capture the fortress.
Rory's Next Choice
O'Donnell attempts to force Rory to have sex with him.
The Execution of Rory McGuinness
After rejecting O'Donnell, Rory is sentenced to hang, but an unexpected ally helps him get away.
The Leave-taking
Josephine leaves for Críslicland with Shannon.
Supply Lines Are Cut
Malcolm's confederates take over the road to Lincoln while the Queen is traveling on it.
Fleeing South
Josephine and Shannon escape Sveyn's men.
Lawrence Learns of the Attack
The king hears of the attack on the queen's party and rushes to learn what has become of her.
No Sign of Her
When they arrive at the scene of the ambush, there is no sign of Josephine or Shannon.
Continued Flight South
Shannon proves invaluable as he and the queen continue their escape.
"They Hanged Him!" Part 1
"They Hanged Him!" Part 2
Arriving near Hucknall, Shannon goes in to find out what happened to Rory and the queen waits in a small church.
Help From an Unexpected Quarter

Deliverance from an Unexpected Quarter
MacDhui helps the queen and Shannon cross into Críslicland.

Skirmish on the Road to Lincoln
While looking for sign of the queen, the king's force is engaged by two forces.
Limping Back to the Siege
The king and his remaining forces return to the siege camp.

Change of Allegiance
Elerde decides to cut his losses and leave.
The Re-taking of Keito Uxello
Josephine's kin's estate is retakenfby Elerde.

Josephine's Homecoming
Shannon Falls Apart, Part I
Shannon Falls Apart, Part II
Something is Rotten in Lawrencium
Back in Lawrencium, Josephine senses trouble and asks Shannon to stay sober to help her.

Affynshire Rallies to its Queen, Part 1
Affynshire Rallies to its Queen, part II
Affynshire Rallies to its Queen, part III
Josephine's cousins convince Affynshire Celts to fight against the cabal.

The Second Fall of Ratherwood, Parrt 1
The king's forces prepare to retake Ratherwood,

Elerde Reemerges in Lawrencium
Josephine is appalled but secretly glad when Elerde turns up on Gaylorde's side.

The Second of Ratherwood, Parts II and III

The Siege Is Broken, the Battle Begin
More retaking of Ratherwood.

Gaylorde Lays It Out for the Queen
Josephine takes refuge in the royal nursery to protect her children.

Malcolm Faces Judgment
Malcolm and his conspirators still in Ratherwood are executed.
Lawrence learns that his cousin has taken his throne.

Caithness Falls Ill
Tension grows in the nursery as one of the twins becomes ill.

Retaking the Bridge at Lincoln
The armies of Críslicland retake the bridge near Lincoln.

A Healer Visits Caithness
Elerde is pressed into service to help.

Advancing on Grantham
The king decides that they need to retake the secondary strongholds starting with Grantham.

The Plot to Rescue Lorin
Shannon enlists Elerde to help him abnd Larisa to rescue the High Reeve.

Retaking Grantham, Part 1
Retaking of Grantham, Part 2
A clever strategy allows the king to retake Grantham.

An Attempt Is Made on the King's Life
Elerde's lieutenant tries to kill the king.
The King Is Captured by Bandits
A Little Girl helps the King Escape
When bandits find the unconscious king and take him captive intending to ransom him, a little girl comes to his aid.

Shannon and Rory on their Separate Roads
The bards each learns of lawrence's "death" as they travel in opposite directions.

Lagu Brings Proof of the King's Death
Elerde Persuades Josephine to Flee
Elerde's lieutenant brings the king's distinctive cloak soaked in sheep blood, and Elerde uses it to convince  the queen her family is in danger and to let him take her away.

Shannon Reaches Grantham
Shannon finds respite and a bedmate in the town of Grantham.

The Bandits Realize Who Their Prisoner Was
The Bandits Decide to Rescue the King
Shannin Gets Suspicious About Grantham's Mad Prisoner
How the Bandits and Shannon Rescued the King
The king has been captured by the Earl of Grantham. Only Shannon and the bandits know who he is and provide him with a slapstick rescue.

The Queen Arrives in Northumbria
Josephine takes refuge at Lindisfarne.

Lawrence Rejoins his Army 
The King Gets Back to the War
The Army Arrives at Lawrencium
Gaylord Faces Lawrence
The Plan to Take the Fortress
Sneaking In
Shannon and Lorin Rejoin the King's Forces
The Death of Gaylorde 
The king, after punishing the Earl of Grantham, makes a beeline with his armies for Lawrencium and retakes the fortress and kills Gaylorde.

Josephine Sends Elerde Away
After spiritual council, Josephine finally tells Elerde she will never leave Lawrence.

Lawrence Faces an Eptry Hearth
The king learns that his wife and children escaped with Elerde.

Rory Finds the Queen
Rory follows the queen to Lindisfarne and reunites with her there. They learn that the king has retaken his throne and is searching for her.

The queen, the children and ERory get a warm welcome in Lawrencium.

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