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Monday, January 4, 2010

What's Next for "An Involuntary King: The Stories"?

The Options

We have reached the end of of the stories that went into the making of the novel, both the stories written by teenaged nan and laura and those Nan wrote, with Laura as a consultant, from 2006-2007.

What next?  Well, you could buy the book and read the completed novel!  You can find it on the online booksellers and also on Smasgwords as an ebook.  It is on Bookshare for people with print impairments.  It is waiting at the Washington Talking Book and Braille Library for a volunteer to read it.  To find out more see More About An Involuntary King: A Tale of Anglo Saxon England.

That's not the end!  There are quite a few more stories.  They are mostly, if not all, from Ghostletters, a creative and collaborative writing group, and include stories from 2006 and after that are not part of the novel.  Some may become part of new novels.  Some are story lines that will never be part of any of Lawrence and Josephine's story, and others are simple farces written just for fun.

For instance:

Shannon and Rory's Youth

How the bards met and became musicians.

Shannon's and Rory's Journey

Shannon, believing he can get heather back, journeys to Scotland to find her.

Shannon in Norway

After an aborted suicide attempt, Shannon finds himself in Norway with amnesia.

Rory Without Shannon

Believing Shannon is dead, Rory tries to go on with his life, and finds love!

After the Homecoming

The latest stories, in progress, about what became of our heroes after Lawrence and Josephine's Yule reunion. 


Remember Juliana, the courtesan at Trent whom Lawrence, out of character, brings home to Lawrencium, causing the queen to flee?  These apocryphal tales were actually the first ones I wrote for Ghostletters.  With the understanding that none of this could ever possibly h appen, I will present them here.  many of these stories are rated R.

A DC Detective in King Lawrence's Court

Sealwyf and I wrote these collaborative stries just for fun, about Bo Butler, a DC private investigator, and his adventures in 8th century England  after being hired by Lorin to locate and bring back the queen.  Follows the events in the Juliana story.

Other Ghostletters Stories

To read these, join Ghostletters and look back in the archives to find Shannon's lost weekend with an immortal Scotswoman, Shannon and Rory's trip to bisit vampires in 21st century France, Peter's visit to 2007 to visit his friend Tariesa in Upstate new York, and Shannon's and Peter's remarkable adventures  on Encelatus, a moon of Saturn in the 26th century much of which is also rated R.  Ain't fiction grand?!

You are welcome to express your preference for which tales we do next.

In the meantime I will take a break from posting in order to catch up on the New stories Index.

Questions, comments and other messages should be sent to .

OK, fess up, who is Laura?  That, dear readers, remains a mystery I shall never solve for you.

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