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Friday, April 23, 2010

Juliana Series: Introducing Beauregard Butler (Just for fun)

Beauregard "Bo" Butler,
A DC Detective In King lawrence's Court

In February of 2006 as I was starting to post these stories on Ghostletters, I had "Duke Lorin" put out an inquiry for a private detective to locate Josephine. That is the sort of thing you can do on Ghostletters, mixing and matching stories, characters, story lines, you name it. Barbara Weitbrecht 's character Beauregard Butler and another fellow, a physician named Dr. Watson responded. As you will see in the upcoming pages, Bo Butler got the case.

Bo Butler is one of those big city private eyes like Nero Wolfe that are smart, daring and able to take care of himself. I will ask Barbara to add a little more about the man, but I think the upcoming stories will tell you what you need to know.

All you have to do to tell whether a story is one of the Bo stories or part of the existing story is to look at the title line above the story. If it says "Just for Fun" it's a Bo.

Let's get started with this little introduction. I will give the author of each story.

Duke Lorin Has a Visitor

By Nan Hawthorne
Lorin was surprised when the oddly dressed man appeared to him out of
the thin air of his study. He knew at once who it was and stood to
greet him.

Butler shook the extended hand and exclaimed, "Man, it was hard to
get her. I forgot this is the fictional 8th century. "

Lorin smiled and gestured to the man to sit. "That is fortunate,
since otherwise we couldst not speak to each other. My author was
passing interested in Anglo-Saxon at 14 but restrained herself from
crafting us in that language."

The big man in the strange over-doublet leaned forward. "Can the
balloon juice, Duke. I looked over what's been said here and I just
need to find them servants, Matilda and Thomas. How can I find
them?" he barked.

The Duke, amused, wondering what kind of fruit balloon was raised
one eyebrow and replied, "Thou art the detective. Thou tell me."

Butler liked around the room. "Nice pad, man. Ok, I get it. So
tell me, what's this King guy? I Hear he has a little piece of ass
on the side."

Lorin, shocked, blustered, "That, good sir, is none of your affair."

Butler grinned, "I know, I know. It's the King who is havin' the
affair." He chuckled. "Hey, you got a beer or something?"

Lorin raised both eyebrows. "Take this wine. I canst not call a
servant to fetch thee beer. Thou must leave without being seen. I
will give you all the information I canst."

Butler took the wine. "You sure do talk funny, Duke," he said as he
lifted the goblet to his lips.

Lorin filled the man in, then bade him "hie thee hence and find my
sister." And the detective headed through secret passageways to try
to find the servants who had left the Queen... somewhere.. and unable
to go back to Lawrencium for fear of reprisals... had gone...

As the man had lost interest in the messages and stories before he
got to the story about the Queen's disappearance, he actually did not
know that she was in her own and the Duke's childhood
home, AffynShiire, living as a simple farm woman with the old couple
that had cared for them during their summers in that region.

Next: Shannon Spots an Oddly Dressed Giant

(My apologies if this characterization of Bo is a bit off. The co-
creator of Christenlande.)

By the way, the apology turned out to be necessary.. see the following story for an explanation.

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