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Monday, June 7, 2010

Juliana Series: What happened to Juliana? (Outtakes)

This is going to be a little hard to explain. 

At the time I was writing these stories in late winter of 2006 I was posting them on the Ghostletters collaborative writing group, also called the Spiritual Telegraph. The stories start at Message 1791 on 4 February.  In between the stories other "characters" on Ghostletters, written by other people, interacted with Juliana, then Lorin, then the rest of the Cr√≠slicland cast.  In fact Barbara Weitbrecht's character Beauregard "Bo" Butler was the detective who responded to Lorin's plea for investigative expertise.   (So did Homes and Watson, by the way.)  On top of the Juliana affair we wrote the Bo and Rory stories together.

When the time came to try and sentence Juliana, I called on everyone on Ghostletters to act as the jury.  It is their verdict that appeared in the last story.

Then, though of course this is apocryphal for the "real" storyline, a few of the other people's characters visited Juliana in her cell and spirited - literally - her away to the 21st century and a chateay in France owned by a vampire named Genevieve.  I can't share these stories with you here as I do not have permission to post other people's writing.  If you truly want to know "the rest f the story" you will have to jooin Ghostletters and read them there.

So on Ghostletters Juliana is saved by some magical beings and lives unhappily ever after with no resources, after the vampire crew threw her out because their authors were mad at me because of something Shannon said and because of how I felt about their posting literally over 1,000 posts, one liners about the World Cup.

In the Story... no one knows where she went and how.  Furthermore, in the novel she never existed.  I may write about her again.  Or you may.  Who knows?

So... back to Bo and Rory and Shannon and...

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