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Wednesday, June 23, 2010

What Do You Mean, The End???

I have now officially run out of letters and stories.  I posted the whole juliana series last because Laura and I decided when I wrote the novel that our old title for The Stories, "Faithful Forever"  was going to be accurate now.  There is still in the novel an attraction between the queen and Elerde, but it is never consummated, and the closest Lawrence ever comes to Juliana is comforting Earl Sagar's daughter by that name.  He pulls away when he feels his body respond.  As he says in the novel, any time he felt the urge to take another woman two images would quench his ardor.  Josephine's face, and even more effective, an image of Josephine in Elerde's arms.

I am going to take a little while to build the tables of contents for this blog.

But I don't want to stop this story.  I already plan a novel about Elerde, starting in his youth at school in Rome.  Shannon will reincarnate as O'Quill in my Wintanceaster Hauntings series that I plan.  Who knows, there might even be a sequel to An Involuntary King.  In the meantime I have new people I want to write about... check on for news on that.

What now?  Well I want to keep writing these stries.  Who would you like to know more about?  What storylines would you like to see?  I just ask, no Elerde since he is going to h ave his own novel, which I promise I will post here.  But any other plot line is fair game.

Drop me a note at or leave a post with your ideas and requests.  If you have any questions, also let me know.

Thank you for your kind attention all these many months.  I hope you will stick around for The Rest of The Story.

Nan Hawthorne
20 June 2010

Don't worry - an image of Josephine is in the works!

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