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Saturday, July 24, 2010

That Wonderful and Daffy Keyword Analysis

Susan Higginbotham started it, looking at the keywords people use in searches that bring them to her site, with the addition of her witty observations.  Since they say imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, you must realize that I think she is a hoot.

Checking your keyword search results can be wonderfully affirming.  For instance in my latest check on keyword searches that landed folks here there were several affirming searches, one on "ann involuntary king" itself as well as a couple for "ballad of rory mcguinness".  I hope the search for "Juliana Series" was intentionally successful.   That anyone looked for "Shannon and Rory" made me pretty damn happy, whether or not they meant Mr. o'Neill and Mr. McGuinness..

But they can be pretty wacky too, both that anyone was searching for such a thing or that their search brought them to my little corner of the fictional 8th century in England. 

To wit:


Yes, I admit it, I live there.  No, not in a brothel.  In Bothell.

Valentine's Gift for Him blogspot

All I can say is that I hope this resulted in a better outcome for the searcher than it did for King Lawrence when Juliana found the Qureen's locket and thought it was a gift for her.

irish gaelic terms of endearment

You can count on it that in his career asa sort of Dark Ages rock star, Shannon had thousands of occasions to use some of those with his many groupies.

Numbness or Pain Down of the Legs or Feet

That person must have been shocked when researching these symptoms he learned that one way you can get this is via a bungled suicide attempt that dumps you into the North Sea where a Norse fishing boat finds you and fishes you out.

aunt and uncle belt punishment stories

Oh my. I can assure you that neither Uncle Lorin nor Aunt Larisa ever participated in this sort of kinkiness. They were far too boring.

"God's bollocks" medieval

Actually it's "bollix". How lovely to know my work of art has provided answers to such profound quests as about the generative organs of the Deity..

wrested her arm from his hold

I would pay good money to know why someone searched for that phrase.


It's adventure romance... of course there's a kiss.

King stories

So long as you are looking for "of Críslicland" and not "Martin Luther" or "Stephen" or Elvis, you found 'em.


Oh, are we doing introductions?

boys feet stories blogspot

I am reasonably certain I have never written one.

from behind skirt pulled up thrust

 I think all my skirt pulled up thrusts are from the front.

Enlilghtening, isn't it?  or disheartening. Not sure which.

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