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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Road To Paris Cheatsheet

Characters and Locations

Of course, Shannon, Rory, Cerrridwen, Falni, Ranigg, Erik, the King and Queen in Lawrencium, Críslicland.

Introduced in this series so far:

Clothar, relative of Karl der Grosse, King of the Franks  (Charlemagne to future generations) - pirate leader
Oona, Irish slave and Falni's friend
Mixail, a Breton nobleman turned vagabond

Honaflôd -- site of slave camp, now called Honfleur
The Flôd -- the mouth of the river that will come to be called the Seine.

Sif's Pride, Falni's fishing boat

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The Story So Far

Shannon comes to Rory's and Cerridwen's farm distraught that his wife, Faln, is long overdue from her fishing trip.  The three go to Lawrencium to get what news they can.  The Danish trader, Erik, brings news that pirates have been seen raiding along the Norman coast and that he has learned that the fishing boat was boarded and Ranigg, Falni's brother, killed.  They go to Normandy to learn what they can.  Erik suggests they check the slave pens in Honaflôd, a port at the mouth of a river called the Flôd.

Meantime we learn about the attack on the fishing boat by the pirate Clothar, a relative of the King of the Franks, Karl.  Ranigg was killed when the pirates boarded.  Falni, dressed as a man, is discovered to be female.  The pirates rape her, then take her to Honaflôd and sell her to a slaver.  She is befriended by an Irish slave.  They are both sold, Falni to a Breton noble acting as an agent for a Frankish noblewoman.  Falni is puzzled when the Breton treats her well, unties her and seems to enjoy her company.

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