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Thursday, October 22, 2015

The Death of Rory McGuinness


Excerpt from AN INVOLUNTARY KING: A TALE OF ANGLO SAXON ENGLAND by Nan Hawthorne (Christopher Hawthorne Moss.)

Situation:  Finn ODonnell, a mercenary war lord, l has imprisoned bard Rory McGuinness, am man he has always wanted with all of his heart and body. ODonnells lover, MacDhui waits outside.

"Sit down," O'Donnell commanded Rory. "No, here, next to me."

Rory did as he was told. He sat stiff on the ledge around the walls of the hall, looking out towards the fire. O'Donnell leaned back, appraising Rory. "You have a fine voice.  You tell a story well.  Ishaq would be proud of you," he said in Irish.

"Thank you, sir," Rory replied in the same tongue, without looking at the man.

O'Donnell reached out one hand and touched Rory's hair. "You do not have any idea how long I have wanted this. You were a handsome boy, but oh, how beautiful you are. I think you may actually be perfect." He curled locks of Rory's hair around a finger. "I saw you in camp during the war.  I told you before that you took my breath away. It was more than lust. That is easily slaked, even for men like me. It was a desire that went much further. I wanted you, but I wanted your heart and soul as well as your flesh.  I wanted to master you, and I wanted you to give yourself to me of your own desire."

O'Donnell sat forward and reached to the cord on Rory's borrowed shirt. He pulled it loose and reached in with his hand to caress Rory's neck and shoulder. He let his hand slide up to cradle the side of Rory's finely sculpted jaw. Rory closed his eyes and clenched his teeth.

O'Donnell asked humorously, "Is that tension from resisting me, or to resisting your own desire for me?"

Rory said plainly, "I do not and cannot desire you, Finn."

O'Donnell's face hardened. "You may think so. I may be able to change your mind." He slid closer to Rory and put the hand that caressed Rory around his neck. He reached with his other hand to caress Rory's chest and belly. "You are such a fine mixture of muscles and softness." He leaned to Rory and started to kiss his face.  Rory felt his hot breath and smelled the drink in it as he moved his lips from Rory's forehead to his cheeks.   He put his lips against Rory's, who sat, unmoved and unmoving. He had decided to let his body choose what it wanted, waiting for either repulsion or a stirring in his own groin. He felt his body push the man away.

O'Donnell, feeling the rigidity of Rory's mouth, pulled his own face back to look him in the eye. "You know, you do not have to want this. I can take you. I can hurt you terribly, so you will never be the same. I would rather you came to me in desire, but I will still have you even if you do not."

Rory returned O'Donnell's gaze. "You will have to do that, for I am pledged and will not be with you willingly, nor do I want you, never wanted you, and shall never want you. Even if I was drawn that way, I would never want a man so crude and savage."

O'Donnell reared his head back and slapped Rory's face hard. "You want savagery?" the older man demanded. He grasped Rory's hand and put it on his bulging manhood. "Feel that? You will be feeling that many times and many ways tonight.  It will tear you up inside like any sword."

Rory started to pull his hand away, feeling the man's erection turgid against his palm, but stopped.  He forced himself to relax. He flexed his hand and gently clasped O'Donnell's phallus. He started to stroke it.

O'Donnell looked at him, astonished, then smiled. He half closed his eyes. "I knew it, I knew it, you would want me, want me as much as I want you." He sighed as Rory's hand began to rub his cock with a firmer grip. O'Donnell opened his eyes to feast on those of the man who was making love to him at long last.  He moaned with pleasure.

Rory slipped his hand under the man's tunic and grasped his naked member. O'Donnell gasped, first with pleasure, and then with pain as Rory grabbed his bollocks and squeezed them with all his might. O'Donnell's gasp turned into a howl of pain, a scream of rage. Too soon not to have been right at the door, MacDhui rushed in with his sword drawn.  Reaching Rory, he put the point of the blade to his throat. Rory withdrew his hand.

O'Donnell choked, his voice constrained to a squeak, "Take him away. Put him in that shed. I will deal with him as he deserves."

MacDhui glared fiercely at Rory, whose face betrayed only resignation.  He grasped the bard by the arm and pulled him out of the hall. Soldiers rushed towards them, looking to the Scot for an explanation. "Get back to your posts or pallets!" he commanded in a voice that would brook no questions. He waited while a guard unlatched the shed door and tossed Rory in onto the floor. "You have a death wish, I see," he hissed. "If you have done him lasting hurt, I will kill you myself ere he has a chance to."

Rory did not look at him but sank into himself, knowing that he would be lucky if O'Donnell simply killed him.

MacDhui slammed the door shut and latched it. Outside his expression changed to anguish. He rushed back to the hall, to O'Donnell, to take the rage on himself, and do whatever he could to help him out of his pain.

You can continue to read the story and its aftermath in the AN INVOLUNTARY KING: THE STORIES” at under the title ”The Death of Rory McGuinness” and, incidentally, the story “The Death of O’Donnell”.  The novel is available at Amazon and Smashwords for no cost.

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